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Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

Dear Leslie,
I've had the same experience, mostly with one particular branch of my
family. I made contact with my father's cousin, and we had a
delightful phone conversation, then nothing. I managed to make
contact with his son through totally different research, but with the
same result. It seems not a single person in that family is
interested in their extended family or history, and they're my only
doorway to learn about my great-grandmother's entire branch . . .

I've chosen to back off; I feel that pursuing it at this time will
only anger them more. I can only hope that someday some relative in
that branch will be curious, and someone will remember about me.

I also made contact with cousins in Russia, who were stunned, gleeful
and beside themselves that I'd been able to find them - they'd been
looking for their American family since WWII ended. A few months of
contact, then nothing. However, in this case, I suspect the reasons
are more political.

I'd recommend you wait a few weeks or months, then perhaps send them
a letter by regular mail, with perhaps some initial(but not
overwhelming) research, including a simplified handwritten family
tree (less intimidating than computer-printed, I feel).

Good luck!

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia

I am becoming so frustrated, and am wondering whether others have
had the same experience. I made a contact on my family, albeit a
distant relative, and was so excited that we might be able to put
some of the pieces of my grandfather's family together, and actually
locate living relatives. After two email exchanges, he stopped
responding, and although I made several attempts to reconnect, my
emails were ignored.
Leslie Weinberg

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