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At what point do you just throw your hands up in the air and accept
the fact that even though there is information you know is out there,
and which would help immensely in reconstructing family trees, that you
just aren't going to receive it, and therefore may never succeed in
tracking down lost relatives???? Leslie Weinberg
As some have noted, this is not at all odd although very frustrating. There
are those in your own family whose eyes might roll when you start talking

Your interest, although very meaningful to you, often does not impact on
family that have crafted their lives around their own situations. You are
related and so what? Perhaps there folks in your own known and familiar
family (that is a redundancy!) who you might have little if any contact with?

I had something similar. We keep a mild contact and that is good. Whenever
I found new information I let everyone know. Often the best you can do is
send them what you have and some of the story of how you found it (most
people like a good detective story--but keep it simple as genealogy
detective work gets very complicated with relationships), what you are
desperate to learn to solve your own mysteries and hope that someone would
be willing to help you.

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY
Searching: NADWORNY everywhere and anywhere.

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