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Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

Besides the l900 US Census, there is the 1905
NY State Census which can be very helpful.
There is a street index for Manhattan and using
It you can find the AD, ED and Page number(s)
That contain this address and then locate the
Correct microfilm

Remember that Jefferson Street is in the Lower
East Side and therefore there may be other
Family living nearby.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

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Did you look at the Census for 73 Jefferson Street
and see all the people who lived there?

Yehudah ben Shlomo

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When my grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1904
from Kamenny Brod, the ship manifest claimed he was
going to his brother-in-law named Isaac
COOPERSMITH (manifest spelling) who lived on 73
Jefferson Street in New York City.

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