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richard casson

I'm researching the SHERESHEFSKY family.
In the past I have posted the following information:-

'Ygiel Shereshefsky married Mindell Yellin. Mindell made it to the UK in
the 1880s with her five children:Noach(Noah),Max(Marks),Esther and Golda where
they settled in Liverpool/Manchester and adopted the name Binnes. Ygiel was
said to have died in a pogrom. In the 1901 UK census Mindell (or Mindal was
51 years old). Family came >from Swisloch(Polish spelling) or
Sislevich(Yiddish spelling) in the province of Grodno as I've seen from
the naturalisation papers of Noah and Max.

Recently I came across a Mayr Shereshefsky born in Grodo(don't know if town
or province) Russia. His father was Jacob Shereshefsky and his mother
Yellin. In 1907 in Manhattan,New York Mayr Shereshefsky married a Blume
Mazor who had also been born in Grodno,Russia. Blume Mazor's parents were
Hirsch Mazor and Krupnik.

For me the Yellin connection is most interesting and I'm hoping someone
can throw some light on the matter.

Richard Casson
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