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Well, birth certificates of kids and marriage records will also give the
mother's maiden name, so the SS-5 is not the only source of what a person's
mother's maiden name is - the birth record is best, as the mother said it!
If you can get one of those, you should have a good idea what it is, unless,
of course, it is 'Americanized' or in other way altered.

My gr grandmother was a real problem. I have a picture of Sarah and used to
ask it what her maiden name was. On her death certificate, her husband gave
her parents' names, with Hirsch as her father's surname, and eventually I
found a birth record for her with the parents' names - although the surname
is common, the rest is rather odd. Thanks to Hamburg Passenger Lists!

Anyway, she came to the US as a small girl after her mother died, by herself
first class. Who did she come to? That took years to figure out. On her
last child's birth record, she said her maiden name was Mincho. I almost
didn't write for it, as I 'knew' what it would say, but surprise (let this
be a lesson to others, get everything you can even if it doesn't seem worth
it). After searching a long time, I found her Mincho family, and it is a
convoluted story. But her foster-mother, Caroline Mincho, on the
administration of her estate was AKA Caroline Hirsch. So the mother took
the girl's surname sometimes and the girl took the mother's sometimes.

Bottom line, you may get different last names for a reason.

Sally Bruckheimer
Bridgewater, NJ

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