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L. Altman <familysearch@...>

I disagree with Mr. Bernet's assesment of Bronxville NY. I was born there
and lived there for 17 years. My family and friends of my family most
definatley lived there prior to 1960, both owning and renting property. Yes,
they were Jewish. There is a Jewish population there although there is no
shul in Bronxville proper. Most people attend shul in Eastchester, Yonkers,
or Scarsdale, with Chester Heights, Mt. Vernon, Tuckahoe and New Rochelle
also being extremely close. Town lines get very strange and difficult to
sort out in the Chester Heights, Bronxville, Eastchester, and Mt. Vernon
area where they all border each other. It does not go by zip code.

Try reading the book"Pathway to a Village" which is a book on the history of
Bronxville. There is an extremely helpful historical society in Bronxville.
they have always been very friendly to me and if you are searching your
family there it is definatley worth talking to them. The Westchester County
Archives are also a wonderful rescource.

Linda Altman
Raleigh, NC

Bronxville is a wealthy, snobbish dormitory town in southern Westchester,
about 5 miles N of the Bronx borough of NYC. Until around 1960, Jews were not
allowed to own or rent property there. Fort many years the only Jews there
were in doctors' offices serving the gentile population. I don't think There
is much of a Jewish residential population, even today, certainly no community.

The "Bronxville" birt certificater may have been born at the local hospital.

Michael Bernet, New York

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