Re; the names - Menasse, Mari, Manuel, Anschel etc. #germany

Ury Link

Dear Genners,

Lin Herz asked about the name Emanuel Adler that she found in documents
also as Menasse Adler.

The 3 Hebrew names Emanuel, Menachem and Menasse have the same common
denominator, and this is the Nickname Man (and >from Man we get also
the names Mandel, Mendel, Menno, Mani and more).

It can be that his Holy name (Shem Kodesh), the name that he was given
on the day of the Brit Mila' was Menasse, a Biblical name.

I thought that his nickname was Man. >from Man you get also Manuel and
then he called himself Emanuel. This happened to a lot of people.

If you can find perhaps documents in Hebrew, a marriage contract or a
picture of his tombstone, you can know what was his birth name.

Lin's second question was about the name Maria Ana Seligman
who was also known by the name Mari Anschel.

Maria is a name that get out >from the Hebrew name Miriam and was very
popular in the 19 century by the Jews in Europe.

Mari Anschel, it is a patronymic name. Anschel is the father of Mari.
The name Anshel or Ansel was a nickname to the Hebrew Bibilcal name
Asher and was used by Jews since the Middle ages in Germany.
The name Anschel on itself is >from German origin, Anshelmus,
a name that was popular in Germany.

Best regards, Ury Link, Amsterdam, Holland

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