Searching BERMANN from Koblenz including Theresienstadt survivors #germany

Bert de Jong <bdejong67@...>

Dear Gersiggers,

For over 14 years I have been researching the BERMANN family >from Germany,
mainly Koblenz and Zell.

In Koblenz lived the (Jewish) couple Simon BERMANN and Johanna DURLACHER.
On January 31, 1881 their daugther Hedwig was born, and on February 10, 1886
their son Alfred Max.
(In 1882 a son named Samuel was born, but he died in Frankfurt 1939)
I can't find any traces of Hedwig and Alfred Max, other then that their
citizenship was taken away during the war.

The same problem I find with 2 of their cousins.

Samuel BERMANN, was born on March 28, 1843 in Zell.
Samuel lived in Koblenz and was a wine trader. He married Sophie VOGEL and
the couple had 3 children:

1. Ernestine, born December 9, 1872

She married Emil LEHMANN, born July 11, 1872 in Anrath. Emil was a
merchant and the couple lastly lived in Offenbach am Main at Luisenstra├če
82. >from a researcher who based his on information >from a book, I got the
information that Ernestine killed herself on September 25, 1942, 2 days
before her deportation.

However I found the death certificate of Emil, who died in Theresienstadt on
January 1, 1943. On this certificate is clearly written that he had
relatives in Theresienstadt. According to this document, his wife Ernestine
Bermann was also in Theresienstadt building HV room Q703. This would mean
that Ernestine did not kill herself in 1942.

In the newspaper "Aufbau" date February 23, 1945 (page 28) she appears on
a list of survivors >from Theresienstadt. Some more research done and..
Ernestine and her husband Emil were deported >from Darmstadt on September 29,
1942 with transport XVII/1. We know now that she survived Theresienstadt, and
she appears on a list of persons who entered the border of Switzerland
together with 1226 other survivors. She arrived in St.Gallen on February 2,

Also I can't find any information for her siblings:

2. Emil, born May 2, 1874

3. Max Eugen, born September 11, 1886 in Koblenz

Who knows anything about them?

Regards, Bert de Jong The Netherlands bdejong67@...

Researching: BERMANN >from Trier, Koblenz, Antwerp, Oberwesel

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