Poland 1939 Telephone Directory now searchable SITE CITE #germany

Logan J. Kleinwaks

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I am thrilled to announce that a 1939 telephone directory of all of
Poland except for the city of Warsaw is now searchable and viewable at:


(Warsaw is covered separately by directories already on the site.)

Search results link to scans of pages >from the directory, each with a
"High Quality Image" link at the top. With the default search options,
this directory is searched together with all other indexed sources. To
restrict searches to just this directory, append {d765} to your search
term, like this: kalter{d765}. To include all sources, but show results
from recently added sources first, change the "Regular Sort" option below
the search box to "New Matches First."

This rare book was generously provided by an anonymous genealogist and
scanned by the National Library of Israel. Without them, it would not
be available to you. Please tell me about your research successes so
I can share the good news with them.

The Polish title of this directory is "Spis Abonentow sieci telefonicznych
Panstwowych i Koncesjonowanych w Polsce (z wyjatkiem m. st. Warszawy)."
The title page is viewable at http://genealogyindexer.org/view/1939Ptel/1
Editions for 1938, 1932/33, and 1931/32 are also searchable on the site.

Logan Kleinwaks, kleinwaks@... near Washington, D.C.

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