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David Gordon

Over the past seven years or so, I have tried to publicize the stack of original
marriage licenses and certificates I inherited >from my great-grandfather, Moses
Aaron Horwitz, so that I could return the originals to their families.He
performed hundreds of marriages in Washington, DC, >from about 1912 to 1935.

The project has been quite successful and I have returned hundreds of documents
over the years.

Unfortunately, when my hard disk was recently erased, one of the few
unrecoverable files was my complete list of every document I returned
and information about the person who requested it. This information
has proved extremely valuable in putting families in touch with each
other when, unbeknownst to each other, different people in the
extended family requested the same items.

I am writing now to ask the help of anyone who ever received a license
or certificate >from me. In order to continue to help serve everyone,
would you please take a moment to write me (private, of course) with
the following bits of information: the names of the bride and groom,
the approximate date I sent it it you (if known), and--most important
of all--your contact information (address *and* e-mail). I have never
shared this information with anyone except others requesting the same
exact documents and will never do so.

I cannot emphasize how truly valuable having this information has
been. If you are grateful for the small service I provided, I will in
turn be most grateful to everyone who replies--privately--to me.
Thank you so much. (In order not to inundate my normal e-mail, please
use the alternate mailbox listed below)

David Gordon
GORDON and LEVIN(E): Butrimantz
HORWITZ: Smolevichi, Lapichi, Bobruisk
GEBALOVITCH: Borisov, possibly elsewhere
DRAZIN: Bobruisk

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