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I noticed a couple of questions posted about extracts >from
"Population registers," also called "Books of residents."
In Polish, these registers are usually called _ksiegi ludnosci stalej_,
"Books of permanent population," though I have seen other terms
used for them.

Whatever the name, they are extremely valuable sources, because they
were used to register permanent residents of a given district, and the
information in them was updated regularly. Details on deaths, military
service, and relocation were typically recorded, often with specific
details that can prove vital in tracking various changes in a family's
history. Traveling papers of various kinds were drawn up by local
authorities on the basis of these books, which the authorities then

Warren Blatt talks about them in his FAQ at
< >.

He mentions them in the answer to question 11. As he says, Fay and
Julian Bussgang have written good articles about these records for
"Avotaynu" (XVI:3, Fall 2000, pages 12-15) and other publications.
If you have a chance to get hold of these articles, they answer
questions as to what these records are, and also provide some
insights to help with translation.

Fred Hoffman

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