Re: Searching BERMANN from Koblenz including Theresienstadt survivors #germany

Fritz Neubauer

My comment:

I am a bit puzzled by the data about the recovations of German
citizenship >from residents of Koblenz, see the excerpt of list 54,
published by the Deutsche Reichsanzeiger No 145 on 25-Jun-1938

No 5. BERMANN, Max, born 07-Dec-1878 in Koblenz

But this is a different birth date ...

According to the Nazi law of 14-Jul-1933 the German citizenship was to
be revoked if a) the person had left German territory and b) had acted
in some Anti-Nazi-German way.

Note that all the 359 announcements about the citizenship revocations
from 25-Aug-1933 (List No 1) to 07-Apr-1945 (List No 359) are published as
Lehmann, Hans Georg and Hepp, Michael (eds.): Die Ausbuergerung
deutscher Staatsangehoeriger 1933-45 nach den im Reichsanzeiger
veroeffentlichten Listen. 3 volumes. Muenchen: Saur, 1985.

Perhaps this helps? Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

Am 22.10.2013 16:55, schrieb Bert de Jong:
For over 14 years I have been researching the BERMANN family >from
Germany, mainly Koblenz and Zell.
In Koblenz lived the (Jewish) couple Simon BERMANN and Johanna DURLACHER.
On January 31, 1881 their daugther Hedwig was born, and on February
10, 1886 their son Alfred Max.
(In 1882 a son named Samuel was born, but he died in Frankfurt 1939)
I can't find any traces of Hedwig and Alfred Max, other then that
their citizenship was taken away during the war.

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