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JewishGenners with relatives who were in Japanese POW camps during World War
II might be interested to visit sites recording their names, etc.
Last year I was able to find Mark Braham, a cousin of my mothers, recorded
at such a site: He was killed when the prison ship on which he was held was

I had heard about him as a child. We knew he was captured at Singapore and
that he died in Japanese hands, but the family did not have accurate
information as to what happened to him.

Each of the names recorded is accompanied by a representation of a poppy
and the Changi cross, made by prisoners of war. Not realising the special
significance of that particular cross I was in touch with Ron Taylor,
creator of the site, to point out that Mark was Jewish, as I believe are
some of the other prisoners listed with him.

Jim has now inserted a note acknowledging that the prisoners were >from
different backgrounds, and he is also taking steps to insert a magen
david and poppy symbol.

see also which is a link to other pages
and sites. The sites cover British Commonwealth and Dutch prisoners, but I
believe there are similar sites for US prisoners.

Charles Pottins

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