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I am trying to find my great-grandfather's two sisters, Sarah and Goldie and
am hoping someone can help. Their maiden name was RUBENSTEIN and they were
born sometime between 1870 and 1880. Their father's name was Jacob
RUBENSTEIN. This RUBENSTEIN family originated in Skidel (near Grodno),
Belarus however the sisters very well may have married in Europe and
immigrated to the USA >from their husbands' hometown(s). They both
immigrated via Ellis Island sometime between 1900 and 1920. Unfortunately
no one knows their married last names.

There are several clues however. Sarah's married name may have been a
variation of Cohen (Cohn, Kohen, Kohn). This is not certain. They were
both alive as of 1944 but likely passed away sometime between 1944 and 1960.
They lived in New York City and I believe, based on the fact that other
RUBENSTEIN cousins settled in Brooklyn, that they too may have settled in
Brooklyn. Anecdotally, one or more of Sarah or Goldie's sons appeared to
look like Jeff Chandler, the actor.

Sarah and Goldie also may have had contact with their RUBENSTEIN cousins in
New York, one of whom had a bedding/quilt factory in Brooklyn. The sisters
had three brothers, Shmuel (aka Sam), Shimich (aka Samuel), and my
great-grandfather William (aka Simon) who settled in both Dixon and Chicago,

There are also several popular given names which repeat themselves in the
family: Rose, Sarah, Jacob, Harry, Joseph, and William. I would expect
that either or both Sarah and Goldie had a son by the name of Jacob.

If any of this information sounds even remotely familiar, please contact me
privately at bruce.rubenstein@.... I am at a dead end in this search.
Thank you.

Bruce Rubenstein
New York City

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