JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Deciphering handwriting on Viewmate (More Suggestions) #general

H Duboff



In addition to Ira Leviton's suggestion of including more of a page to
gauge the handwriting, perhaps it would help to include a link and/or
information to allow others to view the entire page of the document
(with the assumption that viewing the document is at no charge).

If the link to the document is long, and therefore liable to be made
unusable once it is folded, spindled and mutilated via e-mail, use to create a smaller, more manageable link. All
you do is paste the long web address into the box and press the "Make
Tiny URL!" button. You will then receive a much smaller link to the
large one you pasted in.

Some of the handwriting is not as difficult once one is able to
recognize the writing style based on other writing on the manifest.
For example, sometimes the letter "z" was written in cursive similar
to how we print it, rather than the descending "z" that most people
use today. The most legible manifests I have seen are those from
ships leaving England....they must have used some nice and flexible
pen nibs!

There are other references on the net for helping to decipher various
styles of handwriting. (Most of what I have found so far refers to
"American" style rather than European styles.)

Best of luck to you all,
Researching: FAERSTEIN, TICKNER; (Skalo - Austria);
MAILSHANKER/MELSZENKER (Grading/Gorodok Podol. and Buenos Aires -
Argentina); OBLETZ, ROSOFF (Dokshytz - Belarus) ; FINN (Gluboko -
Vilna); RAFKIN/RAVKIN (Dwinsk - Russia); ZEMBLE (Lushnitz -
Russia);DUBOWY (Zalocie - Austria)

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