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Berta P. Weissman <berta@...>

Stephen G. Esrati wrote:

The researcher who has sent me all the material about the Mondorf cemetery
needs pictures of the synagogue destroyed by the Nazis on the night of the
pogrom in 1938. (He refuses to call it Kristalnacht.)
Can anyone recommend a source for pictures of destroyed German synagogues?


Below are some links I found by doing a Google search with the words
"destroyed German synagogues" I took a quick glance at a couple of them, one
includes the reconstruction, by architectural students, of destroyed
synagogues, and another site is about a museum exhibition about the
synagogues destroyed. Maybe if you read thoroughly the text in these
websites you might find other links or names and addresses of organizations
to contact for further information.

Hope this helps!

Berta Weissman

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