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On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 12:02:36 UTC, (Nick)

My father, born in the US, listed his Hebrew name as Leivik on a document.
I have been been unable to determine if this is truly a Hebrew name. His
English name is Leo. I believe his Yiddish name may have been Leibl. His
parents emigrated >from the Ukraine. I would appreciate getting an opinion
on the name >from anyone knowledgeable about given names among Jews.
According to a Lubavitch website
the father of the former Lubavitcher Rebbe whose name was Levi was
affectionately known as "Leivik", so this is an affectionate name for Levi,
which is a Hebrew name. Levi was one of the sons of Jacob in Genesis.
Quite right. Yet if his Yiddish name was "Leibl", it is equally likely
that this what "Leivik" is meant to represent. And this is rendered
even more likely by the fact that he was called "Leo" in English --
"Leibl" and "Leo" both signifying "Lion". That would make his Hebrew
name either "Arieh" or "Yehuda" (="Judah"), the latter being the most

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