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I have only one short branch to my family tree, and it
remains a bit of a mystery. But, without going into too
much detail, I have a lead in Manitoba. I have found a
newspaper report about someone with the same unusal name as
my great-great uncle (Drozdowitz), working in the same field
(pawnbroking), and getting up to the same antics as he did
when I found him in Utah a few years later(violence).
Although this seems completely out in left field in other
ways, I'd like to try to follow up the lead and see if maybe
I can find out where he came >from by his brief stint in
Canada (if it's the same guy). He was naturalised in
Colorado in 1880,and the 1990 US census shows his arrival as

However, I have done no work in Canada before and am not
quite sure where to start. My genealogy experience is all
US or Europe. Is there anyone on the list either based in,
or with some experience searching in Manitoba in the 19th
century? I would appreciate if you dropped me a line

many thanks,

Annemarie JUTEL
Wellington, New Zealand

searching: GOLDSTEIN: Marijampole, Indianapolis; STEINBERG:
Marjiampole, Louisville; HIRSCHLER: Hessheim, Mannheim, San
Francisco; MANHEIM:Ottensoos, San Francisco; DROZDOWITZ:
Plonsk, Ogden, Chicago.

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