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==Indeed, Leivik could well be a Yiddish diminutive for someone named Levi
in Hebrew. However, we were told "His English name is Leo. I believe his
Yiddish name may have been Leibl." Both these names are associated with the
Hebrew name Yehuda; neither is connected with Levi.
I think that we have discussed before that it cannot be assumed that a given
secular name cannot necessarily imply a particular Hebrew name.
The quoted paragraph was written by me; Michael cannot be blamed for it.

We have discussed many times that the names immigrants took in
English-speaking countries have no necessary correspondents with their
birthnames in Yiddish, Hebrew, or other languages. That would apply to
"Leo" (above) as well. The point was that everything we know about the
man and his various names points in the same direction; we have only
clues to work with. You may have noticed that the operative sentence
in my paragraph begins with "I believe..."; I thought at the time that
this was sufficient recognition that we don't really _know_ for
certain; I still think so.

One way to close in on the REAL name might be to visit the man's
grave, and see what is written in Hebrew on the stone. A difficulty in
that is the deplorable fact that some recent headstones in the US
(I've forgotten where this man lived) are entirely in English, and
offer no such clue. Another is that those who ordered the stone had no
idea what his Hebrew name was. We were asked a question, and we all
tried to answer it as best we could given the data.

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