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Sara Lynns

Fitting pieces of the puzzle together (father's family)

My father died when I was quite young; my mother told me little about his early
life. Some years later (as an adult), I began my family "Lerner" research. I
discovered my father had a sister, then later, I found he had a brother.
According to my mother, my father and his sister were not on speaking terms.

I ordered my father's military records; found a notation with his sister listed
as next of kin with an address. Of course, that was late 1930's.

My mother received VA pension >from my father. Asked me for the military records
I had. Of course, I gave them to her.

I received the military records back, except for one thing: the page listing my
aunt (my father's sister) as next of kin with mailing address as of late 1930's.

Didn't discover the missing page until some time later.

Jacqueline Lerner-Aderman

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