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Thank you to the many Genners who responded to me privately or on the list
about my inquiry about whether Leivik is a Hebrew name. My father listed
Leivik as his Hebrew name on paperwork for a burial society. I need to know
what Hebrew name to put on his tombstone this coming year. So,I wanted to
determine what was the correct Hebrew name as I didn't think Leivik was
Hebrew. >from somewhere deep down in my memory I remembered my father
telling me that he was called Leibl boychik.

The answers I received >from people ran the gamut:
The Hebrew name is either Aryeh, Judah, Lev, or Levi.
Leivik is either a diminutive of the Hebrew "Levi" or the Yiddish "Leib" or
Well, I did get an answer to my original question, i.e., Leivik is not a
Hebrew name. Now, the decision as to what name to use has to be made.

==>from the information you gave, he used names such as Leo, Leib and Leibl.
All these refer to a name meaning Lion, which would be Aryeh in Hebrew and
that name suggests the more ancient underlying Hebrew name, Yehuda.

==>from the names you say were used, Levi would be a highly unlikable source
for his names.

==I think you would do better to use a name, or a form of the name that was
the name that was used by friends and family, and that would clearly identify
him. There is no indication that he was known as Yehuda. The use of a kinnuy,
such as Leib or Leibl, is as acceptable in many communities (including ultra
religious one) as is a pure Hebrew or Biblical name.

My suggestion is to use the names Leib (lamed-yod-yod-bet) or Leibl
(lamed-yod-yod-bet-lamed). And bear in mind, that he chose to use he form Leivik
on paperwork for a burial society. I'd take this as a compelling vote >from the

Michael Bernet, New York

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