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Stein Lewis

Israel KUPFER was a well known cantor in New York during the late
19th and early 20th centuries. He later changed the spelling of his
name to Cooper. He was married to Fayge (Fanny) ENGLISZER, a sister
of my ggf. I had been under the impression that he was >from Romania,
but in the 1900 Census he reported that his place of birth and that
of his parents was Russia. He and Fanny had seven surviving children,
many of whom were either theatrical performers, agents or managers.
He apparently died before the 1910 census, in which his children show
his place of birth as Russian Poland. The low and behold in the 1920
census, his youngest son, Joseph states that his father was born in
Romania and that his mother tongue was Romania. I have been unable to
find a manifest showing the emigration of the family, which was
either in 1883 or 1886 depending on which census one believes.

I know that Israel Kupfer (COOPER) lived on Madison Street in 1900
and that he chanted at the First Romanian American Synagogue as well
as at the Kalawarie Synagogue. He performed the marriage of my
grandparents at the Congregation Sons of Israel at 13 - 15 Pike
Street at which time he showed his residence to be 3 Rutgers Street.
I have also found references to him in the "American Scene" which was
published >from time to time in the early editions of Commentary. I
also have found references to several of his sons in advertisements
and obituaries in the New York Times.

I am hoping that someone with a knowledge of the synagogues of the
Lower East Side and of theatrical in period >from 1900 to 1940 can
provide information about the family.
I am most particularly interested in knowing if there is any
information about Fanny Cooper.

Lewis Stein
Boynton Beach, FL

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