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Israel P

I am posting this reply publicly because there have been half-a-dozen of this
type of inquiry lately.

I just went into the Yad VaShem database and searched for a submitter named
Gerald Friedman who submitted a page for Betty Klein and in a few seconds the
image of the page came up, including the address of Gerald Friedman in Latin
letters. I do not understand how so many people find their Pages but don't
bother to look at them and copy the addresses.

Israel Pickholtz

Quoting JewishGen Discussion Group digest < >:

I have written to Yad Veshem but after a month still no answer. I
found a relative had reported the deaths of several members of my family
(HOFFMANN/GERMANY) How do I locate this relative who says he is nephew of
Betty KLEIN >from Berlin Germany. The person I am trying to locate is
Gerald FRIEDMAN. I have no idea where he is located . If you have
any suggestions or know this person please have him contact me at:
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