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Hello again. I have posted a copy of my grandfather's marriage certificate on
ViewMate as Abe/Sarah. I am having trouble reading Abe's mother's maiden name.
Have shown it to a number of people and they can't make it out either. It looks
to me like Mojchane Stern, but I've never heard of the name Mojchane. Abe was
from Russia and I don't think there is a "j" in cyrillic but the letter looks
like it has a dot over it. Also, can't tell if the surname is Stern or Stein.
So far, this is the only document I've found that lists his mother's name. Can
anyone familiar with this cursive writing help me out?

The direct link is

Please send your responses to me directly at
As always, thanks in advance.

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: SHENKMAN/SCHEINKMAN (Volyntsy, Vitebsk Gub, Mozyr, Kiev, Riga);
HANDELMAN (Spivak, Spikow, Ukraine); COHN (Botosani, Bucharesti, Romania,
Jerusalem, Montreal); HAMMER (Chenovisti, Montreal);ABRAMS/ABROMOWITZ (Odessa)

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