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Carolyn Lea <clea@...>

Thank you to the many respondents who gave me advice on name entry and which
name to use as the "main" name in entering information. I have tried to send
thank yous to all. It became apparent that many of us have questions and I
wanted to summarize briefly the consensus.

1. Enter birth name as main name
(Several say they put name change seperated by hyphen or in some other way)

2. Put name changes in alternate name location and/or in notes

3. If there is a concern about the index check your software preferences - I
found I could list aka's here if I set my preference - thanks to those who
said they had that option

4. A tip I found helpful - if you do not have a maiden name or last name put
(wife of ..., sister of ... ) until or if you locate that info - that will
certainly help with all my surnameless Hannah's in my index! A similar notation
can be used to identify unlinked individuals until you find the link.

All agree that consistency is the key. I remain undecided about putting a
name change beside the birth name - the advantage being that this makes it
readily apparent (w/o reading notes which I would still include) and helps
readers see the transition to the child. I would use brackets or something
rather than a hyphen because of current usage of hyphens by women and
couples using both the maiden name of the woman and the surname of the

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