JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: saying where you are #general

dennis gries

There have been several recent messages about "saying where you are" in a
digest several days ago, and then a security subthread since then. Another
reason to give where you are in addition to those provided so far:

This is a cooperative hobby, and one should be willing to interact and at
times reciprocate.

I am a volunteer on a non-commercial site: where about 4000 of
us in the States and about 1000
elsewhere on planet Earth do lookups.

I always ask my requestors (when they fail on the first email) " where do
you live?" The reason... and with the very large project we have going...
is that quite often we have an open item and query in that requestor's home
area, and this provides an valuable opportunity for the reciprocity of
effort. (there are other reasons, well covered already) Those requestors
have at times helped me immensely in return, which is really great!

So, that is another reason to give where you are. You are asking this Board
to help you, and should also in return help those people who take the time
to help you. I'm not convinced about the security and privacy aspects.
Could the option just be "Dennis in SW Florida"?

Dennis Gries
Sarasota, FL USA

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