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Carolyn Lea <clea@...>

I ordered the FHC Film # 1334544, Judische Toten, und Familienlisten
1800-1850 for Posen (now Poznan). I am searching for records on my
ggg-grandfather, Elias (Eli) SCHWARZBAUM, wife Clara SHWESENSKY, known sons
Isaac, Gabriel, Moritz, daughter Ernestine? The language given for the film
was German and Hebrew but the only German word is "page" - I did not
adequately read the notes section which warns the text is in Hebrew with
some Yiddish. Is anyone familiar with this film? Does anyone know if it (or
the records) has been translated into English or even German? Would these
be civil records (the film identifies only as "Jewish records") and if not
would I need to know the Hebrew names? I looked on the Steve Morse site and
he has Hebrew cursive but this film is very hard to read with fairly small
print - especially hard for someone unfamiliar with Hebrew.
If anyone can offer any help or suggestions or knows of a translation
available please email me.

Carolyn Lea
NW Ohio
ID# 152314

Researching: SCHWARZBAUM/SCHWARTZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York and Savannah,
Georgia and California ROTHSCHILD/ROTHCHILD> Zierenberg, Hessen Kassel,
Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia
BASCH>Prussia>Savannah, Georgia LEVISSOHN/LEVISON Elbing, West Prussia>
Brunswick and Savannah,
Georgia OPPENHEIM > Savannah, Georgia WEINBERG >Prussia? > Georgia

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