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Carolyn Lea <clea@...>

I have ordered FHC film 1570463, Manhattan marriage certificates for 1885,
Certificate no. 45501-46054 (April, May June). If anyone needs information
from a certificate on this reel please let me know. These are certificates,
not an index so I need more than a name to search for you. Please provide
the certificate number of the marriage, name and date. The certificates
usually include parent's names, age, address, name of person performing
ceremony, and witness names.

Carolyn Lea
NW Ohio
ID# 152314

Researching: SCHWARZBAUM/SCHWARTZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York and
Savannah, Georgia and California ROTHSCHILD/ROTHCHILD> Zierenberg, Hessen Kassel,
Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia BASCH>Prussia>Savannah, Georgia
LEVISSOHN/LEVISON Elbing, West Prussia> Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia
OPPENHEIM > Savannah, Georgia WEINBERG >Prussia? > Georgia

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