JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Name Yevno (Evno) -- could it be Yonah? #general

Dr.Josef ASH

Shalom, Judith.
You reply to the linguistic question:

*Evno* is definitely not Hebrew. Nor is it strictly speaking Yiddish.
It is Russian

In any case it seems to be basically a Russian name -- or perhaps a
Russianization of the Hebrew name Yonah (which in some Yiddish dialects
is pronounced Yeh-na -- which would give you the necessary "E" sound).
But I don't see how the "V" sound would have crept in --
one would have had to read the letter vav in Yonah not as a vowel but as a
consonant -- which strikes me as highly unlikely!

Judith Romney Wegner
In Hebrew itself the "waw" was pbonounced originally as "w", in the modern
Hebrew as the consonant is sounds "V", but the same "waw" is used to sign
vowel sounds "o" or "u". and these sounds may be interchangable (like
"shor - shwarim or dud - dwadim).
In Russian it was read as "V" in the case of Evno, but it is interesting
that the same name is spelled as Iona in the canonic translation of the Tanakh.
Another such a case is better known: Yohanan turned to be the biblical Ioann
and then russian Ivan!
One example for the opposite direction of interchanging: The Hebrew "Yawan"
for Greece is used as Ionic style in arcitecture.
Dr.Josef Ash

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