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Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

Carolyn Lea and Roger Lustig are referring to a Hebrew pinkas of the Posen
Jewish Community that found its way to Berlin in 1937 where it was
microfilmed by the Nazi RSA. After the war it was at the Zentralstelle
fuer Genealogie in Leipzig, DDR, where in 1983 the Mormon FHS re-microfilmed

I have a hard-copy sent to me by Edward Luft fifteen years ago. It is a
death register of the Jews of Posen [city] for the period of 1825-1853,
containing about 2500 deaths. It is in Hebrew script, quite tedious and
difficult to read because it is a 3rd or 4th generation of copying and
recopying, and because the original pinkas had dark, worn page margins, and
1930's era microfilming wasn't high quality.

Further, many of the names were patronymic, and even where there are family
names, they tend to be in the far left margin where they are too dark to

The second part of the pinkas contains very lengthy lists-- >from 1825 to
1836-- of purchase orders and/or distribution [to the needy?] of "Kimcha
d'Pischa"--flour for baking Pessach matzot to the member of the Posen
community. The same problems are present. Many patronyms, Hebrew initials
in place of family names, nicknames, etc.

It would be possible to database this rare pinkas, but only if a
high-quality copy were to be re-filmed >from the Leipzig genealogy bureau,
perhaps with some image enhancement.

Jim Bennett

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