JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking POT submitter Khaim BERG from Israel #general

Lee Nydell <lnydell@...>

Trying to locate a Khaim BERG, who lives in Israel and is a Shoah survivor.
On May 27, 1999 he submitted information to Yad Vashem about members of
his family who perished in 1942 in Majdanek. His family name might have been
spelled BARG. Some members of his family (grandfather Gershl -- grandmother
Malke -- father Leizer -- mother Etl and siblings Sheike, Sroil and Marsha) were
born in Vysokoye, Poland (now Belarus). The Shtetl of Vysokoye was in Western
Belarus, near to Brest, Belarus.

Lee Nydell Irvine, California, United States Researching
- NADEL, NUDEL, NIEDLE >from Russia, Belarus and Poland

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