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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I simply have to comment on the genealogical
significance of Reuben Gross's document which appeared
in two Viewmate sections on different dates:
VM7375-7378 [archive] - VM7455- 7459 [current].

It is one of the most detailed family sagas I have
seen - apparently written in 1926. It discusses the
spread of a Moravian family called LICHTENSTEIN from
Leipnik [Moravia] to Bohemia, Slovakia, Austria,
Hungary, Russia, Turkey to USA & Brazil. Many places
{and family names} are mentioned including Pressburg,
Ung. Ostra, Tyrnau, Budapest, Raab, Vienna, Chicago,
and New York.

The man who wrote it must have verbalised a tree in
front of him. Unless one has the whole document and
enters the data systematically onto a family tree it
is hard to follow.

Even if you do not speak German you may find a link as
I suspect there must be many links with Siggers all
over the world. There are links to so many names and I
have picked out just a few:

WEICHSELBAUM living in Vienna >from Galicia
FUCHS Leopold; a cantor >from Pressburg [Hungary/Slovakia]
KATZ Minka >from Prerau, Moravia - daughter of a rabbi
with many rabbinic forefathers.
ROSENWASSER Emil - Budapest;
BING Josef Plesivec;
SLECHTA Bedrich - Ung. Ostra [Moravia]
HERZ Fanni >from Trencin.

This is a prize document and a classic for anyone
studying Moravian and Bohemian genealogy and the
subsequent spread of these families throughout the
Habsburg Empire and later throughout the world, before
the holocaust.

The saga starts with VM7375: {Wieland} Bernard
LICHTENSTEIN who wandered to Krivoklat in Bohemia from
Leipnik in Moravia in the year 1809, where he built a
house in 1811. I suspect he was born ca 1785-1790. He
died in 1874. Leipnik was first settled by Jews in
1454. His first marriage was to LOWENSTEIN from
Podhradi [Frauenberg] in Bohemia.

The whole scanned document up to the final page [7458]
deals with descendants [four sons] of Bernard's first
marriage - on the last page we start with the
descendants of his second marriage [three sons and
three daughters]. Unfortunately there are not dates,
but once this tree is computerised one should be able
to make informed guesses. The first batch of children
were probably born 1812-1819 - followed soon after by
the second batch. Bernard's third marriage was

Just use this single Viewmate link and substitute the
different numbers sequentially to see all the pages:

continue with: 7376-7377-7378-7455-7456-7457-7458

Thank you Reuben for bringing such exciting genealogy
to the General Discussion Group. It will be of great
interest to many Austria-Czech and Slovakian-Hungarian

We always knew that a large percentage of Hungarian
Jews were descended >from Bohemian and Moravian Jews
and here is a document which shows us the links which
are usually missing.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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