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Caroline Ranald Curvan <Caroline.Curvan@...>

I've received information >from the Red Cross regarding my Great Uncle, David
Jan ZINKER. There are several locations mentioned with which I am not
familiar. I wonder if anyone here can shed some light on them:

1) In 1938, the Prague Police Directorate listed his home-residence as
Drozdova, region Horovice. Where exactly is this?

2) On 23 February 1942, an investigation was declared for him because he
did not show up at the "Jewish Camp at Kladen". What/where was this? At the
time, he was registered as living in Dobrin, region Roundice-nad-Lubem.
Again, where is this? 3 days later, on 26 February 1942, he was deported to
Terezin and >from there to Maly Trostinec.

He was a chemical engineer, trained at the German Technical University.
Supposedly he worked in a munitions plant/factory between his graduation and

Any information is most welcome.

Thank you very much.

Caroline Ranald Curvan
Ossining, NY

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