JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Motis-Mendl/Emanuel #general

Simon Tardell wrote:

==Let's start with a king of Israel named Menahem. Menahem means "console"
and the name is given frequently to an infant named shortly after a death in
he family, or to someone born close to the Ninth of Av, the focus of mourning
for the destruction by the Romans of the Temple, Jerusalem and the Jewish
state in 70 CE.
How strong an indication would this be? An ancestor of mine was
"Menachem Arje" in Hebrew (as far as I know, just "Leo(n)" in day to day
use). Would this be a good reason to suspect that an elder brother, his
father or uncle (or ...) died shortly before he was born (or, that he
was born close to tisha b'av)? Or was Menachem often given as a name for
other reasons too?

Simon Tardell,
Stockholm, Sweden.

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