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Judith Romney Wegner

In an Orthodox synagogue in the UK, the only way of getting married is
production of one's parent's Ketuba or the certification >from another
religious authority that one was also married in their synagogue.
Nick Landau
London, UK
Yes, that is the general rule. I had to produce my mother's ketubbah
to get a marriage authorization >from the London Beth Din. (BTW, the
ketubbah is the property of the bride, not the groom, so it is
properly described as one's mother's ketubbah -- not "one's parent's
Ketubbah) "

But in special circumstances the Beth Din could make an exception.
My husband was an Austrian Jewish refugee who came to London at the
age of six via a Kindertransport in 1939. Both of his parents were
ethnic Jews; his father had died very young before WW2 and his
mother died in England soon after the war. They were very secular
Jews, who had not bothered with a Jewish marriage ceremony, so there
was no ketubbah.

Halakhically, it did not matter who Peter's father was -- but when
we became engaged in 1955 he had no document whatsoever to prove that
his *mother* was Jewish. However, he was listed as coming on a
specific Kindertransport train >from Vienna, which arrived on April 27
1939, and his particulars were registered at the time with the
Jewish Refugee Council (not sure I have the name quite right!) in
London. The Beth Din was quite willing to accept that organization's
certification that Peter was a Jew, and issued the requisite marriage
authorization so that we could be married in a United Synagogue
constituent synagogue. (In England the United Synagogue is orthodox,
not Conservative).

Judith Romney Wegner

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