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Caroline Ranald Curvan has received information from
the Red Cross regarding her gt-uncle, David Jan
ZINKER. Several locations are mentioned with which she
is not familiar, namely:

1. In 1938 the Prague Police Directorate listed his
home-residence as Drozdova, region Horovice.

2. On 23 February 1942, an investigation was declared
for him because he did not show up at the "Jewish Camp
at Kladen". Caroline asks: What/where was this? At the
time, he was registered as living in Dobrin, region
Roundice-nad-Lubem [see correct spelling below - CM ].
Again, Caroline asks: Where is this?

3 days later, on 26 February 1942, he was deported to
Terezin and >from there to Maly Trostinec.

The first thing I would like to tell Caroline is that
there is a Jewishgen Special Interest Group {SIG}
called Austria-Czech specifically for this region of
the world [Habsburg-Empire region of Austria per se -
as well as Bohemia and Moravia - Czech Republic].
There, she is much more likely to find expert help and
family links than on the General Discussion Group. We
have over 700 helpful and very knowledgeable members
all over the world:

Secondly, Bohemia and Moravia had some of the earliest
established Jewish settlements in Europe so the title
of this posting is something of a misnomer!

Horovice is a town 50 km SW of Prague [Bohemia] in the
Berouner Kreis [district]. It was known in German in
the 1700s as Horzowitz [possible origin of Horowitz/
Horvitz] and Jews had lived there since the 1400s, but
were then driven out. At the end of the 18th century
there was a tiny population of Jews - only 4 Jewish
families resided in the town and the villages
surrounding it. The ZINKER family was not there at the
time or anywhere in the Berouner Kreis.

Roudnice nad Labem [note the correct spelling] is
known as Raudnitz in German and lies on the River Elbe
[Labem]. It is 40km NNW of Prague [Bohemia] in the
Rakonitzer Kreis. Jews had lived there since the
mid-1500s. Again, I cannot find any ZINKER families
there in the late 1700s.

Re Kladen: I presume this refers to Kladno in the
Rakonitzer Kreis; 23 Km WNW of Prague: see points 4:11

Tragically, Terezin and Maly Trostinec need no
discussion on this forum - their horrors have been

Celia Male [U.K.]

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