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Dear Friends,

I come >from the city Lublin in Poland.

I am searching all possible data refering to my Family - GOLDMAN that
lived in Poland /1850 - 1980/ in Opole Lubelskie, Kluczkowice near
Opole Lubelskie , Lublin and other places in Lublin Region.

I am also interested in everything what is connected with Goldman
Family >from Low Silesia /Opole, Szczepanowice , Zerkowice /.That branch
may also relate to my Family.

Other surnames that I am searching for are: TYLCZER / TYLCHER , TYLCER / ,
are connected with already mentioned areas of Poland.

I am also interested in contacts with everyone who comes >from Lublin ,
Opole Lubelskie , Kluczkowice and now lives in other country , especially
in Israel. Maybe somebody remember my relatives : Antoni Goldman , Jozef
Goldman , Wieslaw Goldman , Tadeusz Goldman / all they come >from Opole
Lubelskie and Kluczkowice , after the Second World War they moved to
Lublin /. I am interested in all contacts with people that were born and
lived in Lublin before and during the Second World War, and now they live
in other countries.

Also I am ready to help You in respect to Your interest of Goldman
Family in Poland.

Thank You in advance for all information to be sent to my e-mail box :

best regards

Przemek Goldman

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