JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: naturalization of minors, 1960s #general

Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

Thanks to everyone who responded! The general consensus is that my siblings
must have certificates of their own. As they both have passports, they must
have had them to display at some point, you'd think, but all that's lost in
the mists of time - and we're not *that* old - there's a lesson there, as to
how easy it is to lose family historical data!

I was even able to talk to a person at CIS via their toll-free helpline, but
it was *not* at all obvious what combination of pre-recorded menu choices you
had to make to get to a person & I psent a good 15 minutes chasing dead
ends. Re-organization & renaming has not led to a detectable increase in

A replacement certificate, if you've lost one & need a new copy, is a
whopping $220. If all you need is the number, an FOIA request is definitely
the way to go.

Thanks again!
Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI

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