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At 01:20 10-02-2006, Judy wrote: ... snip...During my research I have found
that the name sprung up in many different areas before the famous
ROTHSCHILD'S even thought of the name. ... snip ... So does anybody have
any ideas or suggestions as to what was on the red shield sign) and isn't
this before the time that surnames came about in Germany.
Dear Judy,
I can tell you about the Danish ROTHSHILDs.
A man - his name is unkonwn! - who lived in Karge-Unruhstadt (which in the
sources are said to be located "where Brandenburg, Posen and Schlesien
meets") had at least 5 children (mentioned in a will).
One was Elias who immigrated to Denmark in 1773 together with his nephew
Israel (son of Leb/Loeb).
Elias settled in Maribo (on the island Lolland) in 1773 and Israel stayed
and worked with him until
1780, when Israel moved to Roskilde (a Danish town not far >from Copenhagen).
Elias was known as Elias MARIBO/MARIBOE and Israel was known as Israel
ROSKILDE/ROESKILDE but very soon the name was written ROTHSCHILD -
presumably because of Israel's German pronounciation!?
So we have had many ROTHSHILDs in Denmark (as well as MARIBOES), and
as far as I know none of them were related to the later famous ROTHSHILDs.
So there weren't any red shields in this story ...
Best regards

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