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Judy wrote on 10 feb 2006 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
So does anybody
have any ideas or suggestions as to what was on the red shield sign)
In that time many people where analphabetic and the signs of cafes and
shops had to be visual. Itinerant painters were ordered to make a name into
a visual display.

A famous one was a London smitty, later inn, named "The Infante od
Castille" [baby Isabella, I believe, later wife of Ferdinand of Aragon]
which was vulgated to "Elephant and Castle", so the shield shows/showed an
Elephant and a Castle Keep.

I believe colours were also part of the visual image, so being the
establishment with a red sign hanging outside in the Frankfurter J├╝dengasse
had a good business appeal.

The best historical link I found here:


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