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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Greetings all,
I have now put online a Cemetery Directory that lists cemetery name, phone
numbers, addresses (both geographical and mailing), website addresses, dates
the cemeteries opened, approx. number of burials, along with other info such
as their policies on taking gravestone photos for you for free or for a fee
and mailing them to you. I am updating the list as I get more information.
Here is an update:

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Glendale, New York:
They make available online a list or society names, along with the section
and block numbers.
They will take either a Polaroid or digital photo for you for fifteen
dollars per and mail it to you either by regular mail or e-mail (your

*Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Fairview, New Jersey:
More good news--their website allows you to do a search for an individual
burial or organization. The search for organization will only take you to
the cemetery map with the section highlighted, but the individual search
will allow you to search by last name or first name. The results, if
successful, will yield the person's last name, first name, date of burial,
organization and section and will highlight the section for you on an
overall grounds map.
They will take a Polaroid photo for you for eight dollars per and mail it
out to you by regular mail.

Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge, New Jersey:
no website
If you would like them to take a photograph of a gravestone for you, mail
them a check for ten dollars per matzeva and they will take a Polaroid photo
for you and mail it to you by regular mail.

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Iselin, New Jersey:
no website
They will take a digital photo of a matzeva for you for five dollars per and
send it to you by regular mail.

King Solomon Cemetery, Clifton, New Jersey:
no website
They will take a matzeva photograph for you without charge and send you a
Polaroid by regular mail.

New Mt. Zion Cemetery, Rutherford, New Jersey:
no website
They will take a photograph for you for free >from a disposable camera, but
then you must wait until they use up the camera until they will mail it to
you by regular mail. Or you can send them a disposable camera and they will
send the camera back to you after they take your photos.

Union Field Cemetery, Ridgewood, New York:
If you would like a matzeva photo, please contact the cemetery office
through their new website. The fee is five dollars per photo for a Polaroid
(ten dollars for a digital photo though they cannot e-mail the photo to

Mt. Neboh Cemetery, Glendale, New York:
no website
They will take a Polaroid photo for you for a fee of five dollars per and
send it to you by regular mail.

Re your possible request for a photograph of a matzevot (gravestone), you
generally must send the cemetery a check before they will take a photo for
you (assuming there is a fee.) Also, please be sure that the person you are
interested in is actually buried in that particular cemetery-best to call or
write the cemetery first. There might be, e.g. many Louis Cohens buried in a
large cemetery, so it is best to supply the cemetery with whatever
information you can that will help them find the correct stone, e.g. the
exact date of death, society name, plot location, etc. Please see the
individual cemetery policies on my Cemetery Directory web page.

Steven Lasky

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