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On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:05:35 UTC,
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I am helping a friend do some research and the town in Poland she gave me for
her family (which is based on oral tradition) doesn't show up on the shtetl
finder! It is in Poland (or at least it was and of the info that seems to be
the only clear thing) the rest is Vasakamosevyetz Comshka Gubernia. Anyone know
where this could be?


Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ
I shouldn't wonder you didn't find it.

There is no gubernia with a name resembling "Comshka". You can prove
this to yourself by going to the JRI Database Search page and
examining the list of gubernias in the "Region" drop-down list.
"Vasakamosevyetz" similarly looks more like a surgical procedure than
anything else, but the clue is in the consonants of the first half: it
is "Wysoko-", which is a real Polish element meaning "High-". Doing
the same exercize on the second half produces "-Mazowieckie" --
altogether, "Mazowian Heights" (Mazowia is an area including much of
eastern Poland), and this is a real place. Try looking up "Wysokie
Mazowieckie", which is in the former Lomza Gubernia.

The human memory is a wondrous thing.

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