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Looking at the manifest using the Steve Morse missing manifest site,
(Series T715 Roll 746 Frames 273- 436) I found a large number of the
sheets with the name Deutschland crossed out and the name Pretoria
stamped over it. Other sheets have only the name Pretoria.
My guess is that some of the Pretoria passengers were listed to go on
the Deutschland, but for some reason were transferred to the Pretoria;
the already prepared manifest sheets went with them where they were
over-stamped. Hamburg kept a set of the first Deutschland sheets,
unaware that they were changed on the Pretoria.
The fact that the Deutschland appears to have sailed a few days earlier
than the Pretoria leads me to believe there may have been some problem
that caused the ship to return to port.

David Rosen
Boston MA wrote:

I have a question about the ship's passenger lists that I hope someone may have
an anser to. I have found two ship's passenger listings for a relative, but
there are slight variations that I cannot account for. The first passenger list
obtained >from Ellis Island says he was traveling on the ship Pretoria that
departed Cuxhaven on July 15, 1906 arriving in NY on July 28, 1906.

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