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We, the Pastor of the Parish of Zolkiewka,fulfilling the duties of
Registrar of Civil Records for the District of Zolkiewka, in the
County of Krasnystaw, in the Province of Lublin,
having proceeded before the main entrance doors
of the District Building at 12 o'clock noon,
announced and declared for the first time that a
promise of marriage has been made between the
Orthodox Jews Faywel Abramowicz, a widower and
weaver, staying at the village of Tarnow, 30
years old, the son of the Orthodox Jews Abram
Faywlowicz and Ruchla of the Szulim family, also
weavers who resided in the past at the town of
Zolkiewka, already deceased, on one side; and the
unmarried woman Fayga Mordkowna, 24 years old,
living until now with her parents, the daughter
of the Orthodox Jews Mordka Berkowicz and Ruchla
Hayzykowny, cap-makers, residing on a farm in the
town of Zolkiewka, on the other side.

Which announcement, after its reading loud and
clear, was affixed to the doors of the District
Building, whereof we made this record.

Father Marcin Pienkowski, Canon of Lublin, Pastor of Zolkiewka,
Registrar of Civil Records
I was taken aback by the repeated anachronistic occurence of "Orthodox
Jews" in the translation above, partly because there was no other kind
of Jew in 1812. Dollars to doughnuts, this is someone's effort at
rendering "Starozakonye", which is literally "Old Law [persons]", but
in fact means only "Jews". Polish Catholics used the term in reference
to their "new law", while the translator imagined a distinction
between supposedly "old-fashioned" and more "modern" Jews.

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