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Rebecca Fenning

Hi all,

With the discovery of a ggg-uncle's marriage record, I have recently
made some new progress in the research of my KADIN family.
Originally KAIDINOVSKY or something sounding similar, the family was
from somewhere in the Minsk gubernia -- Mir, according to several
ship records. My gg-gm Minnie KADIN HURDUS (ca 1867-1956) and her
children (including my g-gm Charlotte (1893-1989)) came to the US in
1899 >from Mir to join my gg-gf Sam HURDUS (ca 1855-1925) as well as
two of Minnie's brothers, Samuel (ca 1871-1960), Jacob (ca 1878-1962)
and her sister, Rae Kadin PESKOWITZ (ca 1860-aft 1960) in New York
City. Another brother, Harris (b. ca 1868) and their mother, Selma/
Sarah WEINER Kadin (ca 1832-1924) followed later.

I have now learned, >from the record of Jacob Kadin's 1897 New York
City marriage to Esther ROTNER (daughter of Abraham ROTNER and Mollie
BECKENSTEIN) that their father, and my ggg-gf was "Charles"
Kadinovsky who died sometime before 1893, when the first of several
grandchildren named after him was born. Searching the All Belarus
DB, I find a Chaim Kaidinovsky listed as a cheder teacher in Borisov
in 1879. Of course, I have no way of knowing at this point if this
is the same person, but as Kaidinovsky does not seem to be a hugely
popular name, I assume it *might* be.

Even more interesting than the naming of ggg-gf "Charles," is the
fact that this 1897 wedding was officiated by the legendary badchen
Eliakum ZUNSER, who lists as his "official station" Chewra [??] [??]
Anshei Rodoskowitz, at 171 E. Broadway. Having read through the 1950
Sol Liftzin bio of Zunser at the library yesterday, I didn't find any
mention of Zunser acting as badchen at any weddings after his 1889
arrival in New York, let alone acting as an officiating rabbi. I am
also surprised that my family -- who as far as I know were not
seemingly "elite" in either the intellectual or social senses -- had
a wedding officiated by someone as famous in his own time as Zunser.
I don't know anything about the congregation listed, nor have I yet
been able to learn anything about the bride's family, but I am
curious about what anyone else thinks about this. Were the Rotners
from Radishkovichi & members of this congregation? or could it be
possible that Zunser was acquainted with the children of the cheder
teacher >from Borisov, the town where his 2nd wife Faigel was born? or ?

The papers of Eliakum Zunser are in the collections of YIVO in New
York, where I've already sent off a query, but I am grateful for any
and all thoughts/suggestions any of you folks might have for this
very interesting wedding.


Rebecca Fenning
Boston, Mass.

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