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A. E. Jordan

Angie Elfassi writes in response to the original question about why
someone was crusing >from New York in 1935:

Here are a few speculations:
1. Business trip
2. Help a relative complete the last leg of his/her journey to USA
3. A free-bee
4. Went to check out the possibility of living there.
5. Health reasons for the boy - exposure to sea air etc.

All interesting and good gueses. I doubt you will find the reason for
the trip but I would add in that in 1935 the USA is very much in the
Great Depression. Depending on the original poster's family situation
the cost of the trip was not inexpensive -- according to an ad I found
in the NY Times for this trip it started at $135 per person. Plus the
train fare to New York. It was not an inexpensive holiday.

Sailing >from Boston in this era to the Caribbean was by no means
impossible althougth >from Boston there would not have been a large and
luxurious a ship as the Rotterdam in 1935. So if this travelered had
been desperate just to get to sea or to the Caribbean in general I
would say they could have traveled >from Boston. To me that says this
person likely had some reason to be aboard the Rotterdam >from New York.
He won the trip in a contest, he needed to get to a specific port the
Rotterdam was going to or ... I guess you could say he just wanted to
sail on the Rotterdam. Holland-America at one point had an advertising
slogan "It is good to be on a well run ship." May be this traveler
understood the meaning of that slogan.

The trip in question I can see >from the same NY Times advert was
promoted by a travel agency called National Tours that had offices in
New York and Boston. May be this man was suffered through a cold snowy
winter in Boston and walked past the travel agency saw a poster in the
window and decided to be a good father to his sons? Lots of possible
explanations, but I would say go with the ones that point to him having
to be on the Rotterdam are the most likely because I recall the
original poster also said the wife was expecting another child a few
weeks later.

If you want information the ship the Rotterdam there is losts of it on
the internet.

Allan Jordan

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