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Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

Firstly let me thank those very kind people who wrote to me and tried to help me
with my query.

Secondly, I don't think I explained the situation as well as I should have have
done. So here goes.

Another very kind lady genner(if I divulge her name everybody will want help >from
her)has been helping me with my ESTRY family as she has access to [name of
commercial company removed by moderator]etc. I already knew that my ESTRY great
grandparents were on the 1881 Manchester (UK) census together with their children
who were all born in Manchester. The 1881 census stated that they were >from
Poland. Their surname was stated as ESTRY.

This kind lady found them on the 1871 Manchester census and again it stated they
were >from Poland. On this census they had one child aged 3 born in Manchester so
of course it would seem they came to Manchester, England sometime prior to this
date. At this stage one imagines their English would not be that good and yet
the enumerator must have written down the word Poland.

However, the 1891 census stated they were born in Germany. And the 1901
Manchester census stated they were >from Russia.

That is why I asked the question how to find a region which was poland in
1871/1881, then Germany in 1891 and Russia in 1901. Can anyone with the
expertise needed make some suggestion with regard to the change of country and
suggest where in Europe they might be >from so that I can endeavour to do further

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

Still researching:-

KAMINSKY (KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova (Jonava)and Zeimiai nr Kovno, Lithuania 2)
Norron Eliazar, Harris, Joseph & Sarah DIAMOND >from Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania 3)  
Newman, Emmanuel, Rachel & Esther LEVY and their parents Chana & Yehuda LEWIN
from KROSNIEWICE in Poland  4)  Isaac & Rebecca COHEN  >from Poland 5) Chaim &
Rebecca ESTRY (nee GROSSMAN)  a glazier >from Poland 6)  GOLDBERG (possibly
SCHELSINGER OR SCHELINGER or SCHLUZITEL) >from Vabalninkas, Lithuania 7)  

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