JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need help on neighborhood locations in Oradea, Romania #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

I hired a researcher to obtain records of births for my grandmother and
her siblings in Oradea, Romania, and found out that although there were
only six children I knew of, there were actually eleven births. Five
children did not survive very long. What amazed me was that with
practically every birth, the home address was different. Can anyone
tell me where these streets might be, what type of neighborhoods?: Nagy
magyr Str, Pecze Str., Varalja suburb, Kolozsvari Str, Szent Janos Str.,
Nagy Hid Str, Gyar Str. Was it usual for families to move this often?
Only two children of the nine I have records for were born at the same
address. I am waiting for information on two children born after 1895
whose records are not available because of privacy laws. Thank you,
Leslie Weinberg

Searching November, Reiz (Reisz, Reiss), Eisen, Oradea, Romania
Eisen, Iram, Blumenberg, Tyczyn, Poland
Danskoy (Donskoy, Donskoi) Nezhin, Ukraine

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