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Merv & Naomi Barnett

I need some expert advice here!

Many moons ago when I started compiling our REIZER family tree, I was given the
information that my ggrandfather was Eliezer REIZER, born around 1846 in Grodno.

In very recent times a new-found branch of the REIZER family has come across a
bundle of old letters >from the 1930s-1940s. These letters were >from family in
Grodno to family in Argentina and California. As was customary in those times,
the names mentioned in the correspondence was always first names. The person was
identified by their husband/wife's name, or their father/mother's name. In
these letters there is talk of Leizer Velvul as being the patriarch. His level
on the family tree would have been equivalent to that of Eliezer REIZER
mentioned above.

I have made an assumption that the names Eliezer and Leizer Velvul are the same
one Hebrew, one Yiddish), but in my case they are definitely different people.
How can we have two ? brothers with the same name? I wondered about them being
cousins but this is just a guess. They both had numerous children - too many to
be the same person. I have also thought that one could have been the youngest
child and the other the oldest child of a large family with the oldest dying so
the name could be used again but I feel they both had too many children for this
to have occurred.

Any suggestions??

Naomi Barnett
Melbourne, Australia

BARNETT Vilna, Leeds, Rhodesia, Australia, BRZEZINSKI/ROSE Leeds, Australia
COHEN Manchester, Australia, REIZER, Grodno, Palestine, Israel, New Zealand,
Australia, California. ROSE Leeds, Australia
VOLSHTEIN, Zelva (Grodno gubernia), Palestine, New Zealand, Australia

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