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Alexander Sharon

"Roger Lustig" wrote

Tyczyn, in Galicia, was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire >from 1792
until 1918. There was no country called Poland >from 1795 until 1919, so
your grandfather may simply have been referring to the state that issued
his passport, to which he paid his taxes, etc.
Austro-Hungarian Empire was established only in 1867 (The Ausgleich 1867) as
the compromise or personal union between the lands of Hungarian crown and
the western land of the Habsburgs.

The Hungarian success inspired similar movements in Bohemia and Galicia .
The formal federation was not established but the large degree of the
autonomy and rights have been granted to the Nations within the Empire,
which has been adopted written in December 1867 Constitution.

Guaranteed by the Constitution rights have been known as "The Fundamental
Laws", which have granted equality before the law and freedom of press,
speech, and assembly, and the protection of the various nationalities,
stating that (quote >from the 1867 Constitution):

"....all nationalities in the state enjoy equal rights, and each one has
Inalienable right to the preservation and cultivation of its nationality and
language. The equal rights of all languages in local use are quarantined by
the state in schools, administration and public life".

All the Crown Land Galicia administration was run by the Polish speaking
officials. Genealogical researchers will confirm that all vital records >from
Galicia were issued in Polish.

At the same time, two main Galicia universities in Krakow in Lwow were
delivering instructions in Polish, and Polish cultural life and arts were
also concentrating in those cities. Two cities were also the seats of the
supreme crownland courts of Galicia and Bukovina.

Perhaps this will clarify the matter.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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